Study programme Medicine

We participate in the lecture series "Zellbiologie 1" and teach the basics of biology and cell biology to the medical students during their first semester at the university. Knowledge imparted will the intensified and discussed with the students in small groups during the tutorials. During the semester break, we offer the lab course "Biology for Medical students" which exemplifies the theory using appropriate preparations and demonstration material.


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M.Sc Biology and Biotechnology

We offer a portfolio of teaching events focusing on the molecular cell biology of pathogens for students of the master programmes biology and biotechnology. Furthermore, we offer lab courses as well as experimental thesis (on the levels of bachelor, master and doctorate) with focus on parasitology, which can be conducted in our savety level 2 laboratory suites.

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M.Sc Biology: Medical Life Sciences

Since winter semester 19/20, the English language field of specialisation Medical Life Sciences is offered as an integral part of the Master's programme Biology. Medical Life Sciences provides our national and international students the opportunity to specialize in the medically relevant life sciences with a particular focus on human biology. Medical Life Sciences is headed by Prof. Pradel together with Prof. Pabst from the Faculty 10.

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